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LuaTeX 0.65.0


I have just uploaded the archives for a new luatex release, 0.65.0.

This release mostly fixes a number of bugs, but it also deprecates a number of existing lua and macro commands. Please read the News section carefully if you are the current maintainer of a luatex macro package.

TeXLive Contributions

My most recent project is TLContrib; a repository and website that hosts contributed packages for TeX Live.

TLContrib offers a centralized location for TeX-related packages that are not distributed inside TeX Live proper for some reason.

In short, anything related to TeX that can not be on TeX Live but can still legally be distributed over the Internet can have a place on TLContrib.

ConTeXt User Meeting


I would like to remind you all that the Fourth International ConTeXt User Meeting will take place in Brejlov (close to Prague) on September 13-18, 2010, and that registrations are still open.

The near-final programme will be published on the above website soon. We already have 35 talks on lots of topics, 9 discussions, 7 workshops and 2 question and answer sessions planned from 15 different speakers.

MetaPost without limits


An 'alpha' release of MetaPost now available that implements dynamic memory allocation: no more 'Memory capacity exceeded !' messages.

The distribution files for MetaPost 1.500 (alpha) can be fetched from foundry.supelec.fr.

LuaTeX 0.60.2


Since the release of LuaTeX 0.60.1, there have been continuous updates taking place in the TeX Live 2010 repository whenever problems were discovered in various build attempts. Now that TeX Live is nearing completion, it made sense to synchronize, so I have just released LuaTeX 0.60.2

There are no interesting changes except that Omega Translation Processes are now marked deprecated: they will be removed in one of the next development betas. The distribution files can be fetched from the luatex project page

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