MetaPost without limits


An 'alpha' release of MetaPost now available that implements dynamic memory allocation: no more 'Memory capacity exceeded !' messages.

The distribution files for MetaPost 1.500 (alpha) can be fetched from

After a few months, last week I finally got a chance to go back to MetaPost development.

And high time too. Over the last two years, I gave about half a dozen talks on the forthcoming MetaPost 2 at TeX User group meetings without ever having anything to show, so I am afraid there are people out there that believe it is all vaporware. Not true! It is just a whole lot of work.

The production version of MetaPost (1.200) uses pre-allocated heap arrays for the memory that is needed by the figure descriptions as well as for the interpreted language itself. One of the big changes in MetaPost 2 is that all memory management will be done with standard malloc() / free() calls, and that is what I have been working on during the winter / early spring.

In the alpha 1.500, this part of the MetaPost 2 project is now implemented. After a few weeks to hunt down bugs in the new code, I'll be concentrating on the next stage: incorporating arbitrary precision mathematics libraries.

metapost 1.502

An update: the current version is now 1.502. The link above is still valid though, it automatically displays the latest version.