LuaTeX 0.65.0


I have just uploaded the archives for a new luatex release, 0.65.0.

This release mostly fixes a number of bugs, but it also deprecates a number of existing lua and macro commands. Please read the News section carefully if you are the current maintainer of a luatex macro package.


  • The Aleph and Omega version primitives are deprecated.
  • The Apple Snow Leopard Truetype font collections now work

  • Libpng has been updated to 1.4.4, and zlib to 1.2.5.
  • New lua functions and node.prev().
  • The already deprecated for some time node.protrusion_skipable()
    function has been removed.

  • fontloader.apply_featurefile() and
    fontloader.apply_afmfile() now return nil,<errortable> on failure.

  • The various node list fields in the lua node interface have
    been renamed from 'list' to 'head', e.g.[0].head,
    and the 'list' name is deprecated. For now, the deprecation
    is silent, as 'list' will stay for quite some time. Please
    update your lua source as soon as possible, though.

  • The call node.type(<node>) now returns "node". The existing
    functionality is otherwise unchanged.

  • Luafilesystem has been updated to 1.5.0. NOTE: there is an
    incompatible change in the directory iterator method.

  • The restriction on linebreak_filter has been eased: at least one
    horizontal box should be returned, but that is not necessarily
    the last node any more.

  • Backward compatibility has been restored for \meaning\mathchar
  • node.first_character() has been renamed to node.first_glyph()
    to better match its actual functionality.

  • The \Umathaccent primitive now supports both/bottom keywords,
    and \Umathbotaccent / \Umathaccents are now deprecated.

  • The \Umathaccent primitive now also supports the fixed keyword,
    which supports non-growing math accents even if the font says
    there are extensible variants.

  • Ongoing work on the epdf library.